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Air Play 300

  • 300 Radio Spins
  • BDS Tracking
  • $40

Air Play 200

  • 200 Radio Spins per month
  • BDS Tracking
  • Cost: $30

Air Play 100

  • 100 Radio Spins
  • BDS Tracking
  • Cost: $25

Please Read!

  1. All Music must be radio edited, which means clean and professional mix, no cursing, vulgar or explicit language, extreme violence etc. We are a family friendly radio station and therefore the music we play must represent that.
  2. We have full disclosure on what songs we choose to promote and which we do not.  Our decisions on based solely on the music content itself and never to discriminate a person in particular.
  3. All music must be submitted in MP3 format.
  4. Once your music has been submitted, and selected we will send you an invoice.
  5. Once the invoice is paid, we will add your song to our playlist within the next 72 hours. You will receive and email stating the specifics.

BDS Tracking/Licensed

We are a fully licensed and royalty paying radio station in the USA, Canada and the UK. Therefore, all music played has BDS tracking and  royalties paid.  This means, if we play your music, then you get paid.


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